Intela Data Science…added intelligence

Through data science we generate meaningful impact from better decisions, operational efficiencies and customer experience, at speed and at scale.

We create powerful learning algorithms and models; deployed rapidly and with a light touch on your existing infrastructure.


Machine Learning

Models and algorithms designed to continually learn and improve with little resource from your teams. Tailored and integrated into our entire approach is continuous automated learning to create an intelligence layer empowered by your data and our design

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Machine Vision

Video/Image processing for recognition, analysis, reporting, expression recognition, emotion recognition, inspections, assessments, counting, reading, quality control, reliable magnification, pass/fail systems


Natural Language Processing

Tone, Attitude, Sentiment, Discourse, Propensity, Topic Classification, Syntax, Semantics – the processing of massive unstructured data sets that produce powerful actionable insights

We work across all areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Real Time Insights

Instant, intuitive insights for highly reliable informatics and decision making. Know the impact, scale and result of a decision before making it. Targeting performance enhancements that are reactive and preemptive

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Task Automation

Use machines to automate mundane repetitive tasks that currently require valuable human resources. Improve accuracy, improve morale and improve business outcomes.



Speech & Audio recognition for identification, emotion recognition, speech to text processing, speech to task automation, analysis, surveying, mood/tone analysis

We don’t need to transform you. We want you to get immediate value.


We are technology agnostic

We work with your existing architecture/systems without the need for huge change. Sometimes partnering with other great tech vendors enabling us to focus on the parts others cannot do: data science and machine intelligence.

AWS, Azure, Google, Private Cloud or on premise… we can make it work.

It’s not so hard really.

We move fast. You can too.

We have data acquisition tools that are very light weight, highly secure and incredibly simple to deploy. This means we can get going on a proof of concept in a matter of days. You don’t need to wait for that data transformation project to start benefiting from data science..

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Better to be upfront!

We want to make sure you know what type of company we are and what type of solutions we provide. A few points about what we are NOT:

  • A SaaS or plug and play platform. Data science just doesn’t work that way.
  • A technology consultant who wants to get paid to tell you what to do.
  • Data storage or integration architect; we partner with these fine folk.
  • A slow moving legacy vendor who wants you to pay for bums-on-seats.

So long as you don’t want us to be any of these things, we are good to go!

Ready to explore what data science can deliver?

Would you like to get to know us a little more first?

Intela Data Science designs algorithms and models to bring added intelligence to whatever you can imagine or need. We deliver managed data science to your doorstep.