Model Training for AI & Machine Learning

The best tech for AI/ML projects

One of the big challenges for a large enterprise to get going with ML/AI is co-ordinating internal resources to kick off experiments and POC projects.

A key constraint is securing access to suitable hardware and software for algorithm training and development. The kind of high powered environment required is not often available in a company or the alternative of a public cloud platform is not considered viable or acceptable.

There are a number of reasons why neither of these options could work including: data ownership, ICT budget or knowledge, architecture priorities, competing beliefs or simply not knowing what is possible.

Intela works with Pure Storage to set up a secure environment on the Wellington based Kubernetes machine for organisations to set up and run model training. The data will only be accessible to the owner and will not be stored overnight to ensure security.

Lets talk about AI Model Training

If you have some ideas for utilising AI or Machine Learning in your business, or have a model that needs big scale training – talk to Intela

Intela expert support available

  • Model design, optimisation and validation
  • Generating synthetic data to scale training and test sets
  • Data cleansing, data fusion and data augmentation
  • Model implementation design and implementation

  • Integrating models into a data streaming environment

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