Data Science For You

Data Science is the foundation of all intelligent software and likely the core of all awesome tech for the next decade. If your company is looking for innovation in digital products, data insights, XaaS, IoT or actually doesn’t know where to start, you need to talk to Intela.

We are data scientists with business brains. We can help you innovate in ways that will drive profits.

Let us help you get quick wins on the board, at low cost, with immediate outcomes:

Customer Retention
Everyone knows that keeping a customer is a lot cheaper than acquiring a new one. We apply data science to analyse customer behaviour and predict which are at risk from leaving (churning). Not only that, we provide recommendations on how to convert them from unhappy to loyal fans.

We love building learning algorithms that provide insightful and intelligent recommendations to your colleagues or customers. These recommendations could be to improve uptake of your services, enhance cross/up selling, operational efficiencies or health and safety compliance. The world is your recommendation oyster, lets go diving!
Customer Acquisition
Do you know the best time, the best content and the best channel to engage your top prospects? Do you know enough about your customer segments to build personalised strategies, without having to dedicated marketing teams to executing them? Applied data science does.
How do you manage both structured and unstructured data sources? The rapid growth of image recognition and natural language processing unlocks the use of audio, video and pictorial data. Our data science solutions can unlock significant advantage from historically untapped sources.
Customer Insights
Augmenting public and social data on existing customers can provide powerful insights; driving strategies and systems for acquisition and retention. Understanding more about your customers can also help predict their needs; driving strategy, marketing, customer experience and product development. Use data science to understand your customers.
Innovation Consulting
Perhaps your organisation isn’t quite sure of what it can be, what it could offer or how the customers of the future might want to consume it. We help to bridge business, ICT and marketing to stimulate and guide thinking about how data science and AI could and should impact your organisation.

Why work with Intela today:

Rapid Use Cases

We want to find ways to apply data science innovation quickly; use cases that will create tangible and valuable outcomes for your business. Whilst we love to talk about the long term potential of AI and machine learning, we appreciate that you have data centric challenges that need solving today. Our business model is not built around long multi-person specification processes; we are lean and just want to get your project moving.

Low Cost Testing

We are all about Minimum Viable Product. How can we deliver powerful insights, recommendations or data feeds, without having to consume vast amounts of your internal resource. We think at scale, but operate lean. We focus on asking the right questions upfront, so your budget is not spent on multiple rounds of planning meetings for the first deliverable. We work in the cloud, utilising 3rd party software and on-demand computing power; you pay for our skills, not our overheads.

Immediate Outcomes

We understand that you need to see progress, results and outcomes. You have growth to achieve, customer demands to meet and funding requirements to satisfy. We are focused on working with you to identify what of value can be delivered quickly; the tactical or strategic ‘low hanging fruit’ as it were. All we need is a big idea and a little data, together we can deliver something powerful.

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