We are delighted to be working alongside some other incredible companies in the AI & machine learning space.

We highly recommend our partners, to the point where we are proud to integrate their products and services into our own business offering. Feel free to talk to us about all of them.

Anodot are the global leader in automated anomaly detection system and real time analytics; they use AI to illuminate blind spots in your data.

Intela is the exclusive Anodot reseller in New Zealand. Visit anodot.com for more info.

Consegna are cloud delivery and digital transformation experts.
We partner on client projects and have seen incredible success working closely together.

Visit consegna.cloud for more info

City AI logo

A global community of AI practitioners who meet regularly to solve real world problems.

Intela are founding partners of wellington.city.ai, running monthly events in our office space.

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Pure Storage is a global player in data storage, they co-developed and architected AIRI™ with NVIDIA – the first integrated solutions for AI-at-scale.

We work closely with Pure on client projects and launched the first ANZ AI Model Training lab here in Wellington.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to buy us a coffee or a plane ticket.

Just reach out.

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