Intela seeing success in large scale identification and counting

Knowing that fruit exports are important to the New Zealand and Australia economies, Intela has been working hard to solve a common problem – counting.

The Problem

Fruit growing and processing is a huge industry. Intela were made aware by a leading sector player that they only samples 5% of their tree’s for yield estimations because of the time it took for human counting. Given the significance of accurate harvest forecasts for pricing, supply chain and resource allocation; being able to sample 100% of the crop would add significant confidence for the business.

The Solution
  • Video fly-by of all tree’s using a camera mounted on a vehicle (tractor or ATV) or drone.
  • Machine learning model to process the footage and accurately count the fruit on each tree.

The final solution will enable the client to get a much more accurate picture of their 1million tree operation. With frequent fly-by’s, data could be collected to predict harvesting times and provide insights useful to the sales team and distribution customers.

The business intelligence potential could help transform the operations of the business.


We have so far been able to accurately identify and count:

  • Apples
  • Avocado
  • Strawberry
  • Mango

Intela now welcomes enquiries and collaborations with fruit growers, processors and industry bodies.

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