A bit about us

We believe our team has a unique blend of cutting edge technology and business savvy. We understand what drives an organisation and how data science can impact its success. We understand that technology isn’t the magic bullet for everything, but that added intelligence can go a long way to transforming a company. We know you need to deliver value, quickly and cost effectively; we are here to help you achieve that.

We also like to have a lot of fun when we work with someone. Life is far too short not to enjoy what we do and who we partner with.


Kam and Asa met at a startup weekend in late 2015, after 6 months of courtship Intela was founded and data science domination initiated.

Asa and Emma went to school together in the UK (many moons ago), she answered the call to join the exec team in Jan 2017, landing in Wellington a few months later.

We are growing fast to plug the data science deficit.


The combined years of experience across Machine Learning, AI, Computer Science, Software Implementation and Business Design.

(We’ll have to make an algorithm to keep this updated!)

I’m sure we’ll come up with another reason why 67 is significant one day.

Meet a few of our humans:

Asa Cox
Chief Everything Officer
Asa is a business and technology strategist. Having run numerous startups over a 20 year career, Asa has a breadth of international experience across consulting, business development and marketing. A passionate technophile, Asa prides himself…
Kameron Christopher
Chief Technology Officer
A leader in Data Science and Big Data initiatives in New Zealand’s private and public sectors - primarily working in financial, utilities, education, and Government domains. Kameron has extensive work across Engineering, Computer Science, Neuroscience,…
Emma Naji
Chief Operating Officer
Emma joined a young software start-up in London after graduating with a 1st class computer science (comms and nets) degree. Here she delivered new tech into the UK's largest to smallest law firms and as…
Sue Cheng
Data Scientist
Sue is doing her Ph.D. at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and evolutionary computation. She is particularly interested in using machine learning algorithms to solve challenging business and…
Alessandro Stagni
Data Engineer
Alessandro is an NLP expert. With a Masters in Engineering in Computer Science from Sapienza University in Rome, Alessandro is at the forefront of his field. Intela persuaded him to leave his native Italy to…
Arian Miralavi
Data Scientist
Arian recently completed a Ph.D Electronic and Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington, having previously graduated from Sharif University of Technology International Campus in Iran, with a masters degrees in electrical engineering. With a…

Our Approach

We want to solve the hard data problems, fast.

We will take tech leaps that the current (large, slow, legacy….) vendors will not take.

We strive to build a reputation for working on the scariest, hardest and most interesting challenges. This is how we attract and keep the best talent, how we work with the best clients and how we have the most fun. We hold excellence in high esteem!

We are not here to make up the numbers, we are here to change the game. 

Our Skills

Machine Learning
Machine Vision
Natural Language Programming (NLP)
Real Time Insights
Task Automation