Intela empowers Transpower with AI for its leading infrastructure initiative

Intela AI have been engaged by Transpower, New Zealand’s electricity transmission system owner and operator, to help explore the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence to transmission line inspection work.

Intela AI’s exciting new ‘machine vision’ capabilities will be incorporated into Transpower’s already innovative power line inspection drone programme. Visual data of National Grid transmission lines will be analysed by Intela AI’s cutting-edge software. It will scan for conductor damage then rapidly identify, classify, and report the identified defects.

This capability is predicted to significantly cut down the time and cost of transmission line inspection, while increasing accuracy of reporting. As part of their innovation strategy, this aligns with Transpower’s objectives to maximise the use of existing assets while minimising community and environmental impacts, in line with their commitment to ensuring that the National Grid meets the needs of all electricity consumers now and into the future.

Intela AI’s Co-Founder Asa Cox said: “We’re all about supporting organisations to make improvements, by exploring the amazing and unprecedented potential of AI. We are excited to be working with Transpower, knowing our work will help keep Kiwis’ lights on for years to come. It’s especially important to think outside the box in the face of our society’s ever-increasing power needs, and the impact on our planet.”

Intela AI is New Zealand’s leading machine learning company, and specialises in building machine learning platforms and AI-powered products for private and public organisations.

Asa explained: “We are breaking new ground in terms of AI for enterprise, and are steadily opening up new opportunities to leverage AI. More Kiwi companies are responding to our powerful machine learning tools, which can be deployed rapidly and with a minimal impact on existing technology infrastructures. Our strategies are allowing them to make better decisions, increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. We make awesome accessible.”

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Intela AI – CEO, Asa Cox